Our Facility

Triple B’s facilities are complete with
technical ponds, swim-by pond and
Puppy water as well as additional
land and water set ups literary just
outside our back door! We have
worked very hard on the property
over the past several years to
improve our grounds to ensure we
have appropriate facilities on-hand
so we can get the most out of our
training time. In addition, we have
access to over 2000 acres of land
and even more water to train on just
minutes from our kennel.

The kennel is in site of our home. We know and hear
everything that go's on at all times day or night.

The kennel is sanitized daily to help in the prevention of
germs and help maintain the good health of the
retrievers in our care .

Your companion will have a dry clean place to sleep and
eat only top of the line feed after a day of hard work.

There is a fenced in airing yard that surrounds the entire
kennel to help insure security for your best friend and
peace of mind for you.
Our Training Facility
We Proudly Accept
Texas Training Ground
where we go every winter!!