Basics Program
This is where it all starts. Think of the
“BASICS” as the foundation of a house. If
you don’t have a solid foundation, you don’t
have anything to build upon. If you have a
good, solid foundation then you have
something that will last for a life time. It’s
basically the same for retriever training. If
you start with a good solid foundation then
you not only have fundamentals that will last
a lifetime, you also have something to build
upon in the future.
Transition Program
This is a more advance program for the
owner that is looking for a more well
rounded hunting partner.

Once the dog has a good foundation in
place, it's time to move on.

In the Transition program the dogs will learn:

- How to mark multiple birds down.

-  Hand signals.

- How to run a blind retrieve on land and in
the water.

- Honoring other dog's work.

-They will be worked in hunting conditions
including retrieving out of boats, blinds and
more .

Advanced Training

If you are looking for that completely trained dog
that will be a super gun dog, or you are wanting to
run at the top levels of the AKC and UKC hunt tests
or have a dog that can become Qualified All Age
the Advanced Training Program is for you and your

In the Advanced Training Program we will be
building upon the concepts the dogs learned in the
Transition program.

In the Advanced program your dog will:

-Train in a wide variety of Hunting and competitive
type set ups.

-They will be running longer and more technical
multiple marks through various types of changing
cover and water.

-They will be running longer and more technical
land and water blinds, often times through water
and land on the same blind.

-Dogs will be drilled on learning to run straight lines
on marked and blind retrieves.
Our Training Programs

We hunt birds NOT rubber bumpers
and are pretty sure that you do too.
Rubber bumpers are fine on
occasion and work well for some of
the drills we run. But when you are
trying to train your retriever to excel in
the field, we believe a daily dose of
birds results in that positive attitude
we are looking for in all our dogs.
Dogs with positive attitudes love to
work hard every day. That's why in all
of our training programs we use birds
on a daily basis. Triple B maintains
live birds on site at all times.
We Proudly Accept
In this program we start with basic
obedience. This is perhaps the
most overlooked part of a retriever’
s training. Dog's must be obedient
to make a good hunting partner .
Dog’s will learn:

-Basic commands including Sit,
Here and Heel.

-Single bird marks on land and

-We introduce Force Fetch and
once completed we move to Collar

-We are also introducing them at
this time to Gunfire, Decoys, Boats
and blinds.